Sara Green, Rehab Aid

Sara Green, Rehab Aide Sara Green grew up in Gig Harbor and graduated from Peninsula High School in 1999. Early in her career, she worked in human resources and recruiting, but never felt that she found her true calling. After her first daughter was born in 2008, she discovered a passion for fitness and the mental & physical benefits of exercise. In 2020, Sara took the leap to make her passion a career and earned her certification as a personal trainer & nutritionist. Sara loves the sense of community at A2, and enjoys helping others feel strong and healthy. She lives in North Tacoma with her husband and three kids. If you don't see her at A2, you will likely find her helping out at just about any school event or cheering for her kids in their sports. Wherever she is, she brings a positive spirit, listening ear, and passion for all her communities living their best life!

Spirit Animal - Orca 

"My wife was trying to get me to go to A2 after she was enjoying the classes. I am busy and wanted to go but always had an excuse. Well one she pre-paid for me to go. Time for me to face my fears about why I hadn’t been going because now I am going. First, I was in ok shape active just not work out shape plus what if I couldn’t beat my wife or the other women in class? What if I passed out?

As Saturday approached my fears rose and my brain searched for an excuse. Yet when I arrived at the class what I found was nothing like I was fearing, quite the opposite. Everyone is focused on their own pace. While being motivating Kristi is not forceful but positive and supportive, coaching each person at their ability.

It has not been a month of one day a week, my body has reacted by toning up, my six pack is back. My wife was mad and happy at the same time. I have been seeing a chiropractor for maintenance and recently my body is firming up and I do not feel the aches and pains of getting older. Was I sore after the first workout? Yes for a few days I was sore, but each week the soreness would decrease. After a month I am not sore but stiff the next day, feeling stronger each workout.

Thank you, A2 Physical Therapy and Kristi, for the good music and for pushing us without pressuring us."

− Mike

"It was very helpful to be taught exercises I could do at home to alleviate the pain in my back and to make my stomach/diaphragm stronger. It was a great experience and I took away a lot of knowledge to help myself."

− T. Docherty

"Danny was fantastic; he was able to quickly diagnose my issues and construct a plan for recovery that began showing results in a couple weeks. 10/10 would recommend to everyone."

− Veronica