Youth Sports Fitness

We offer 8-week sessions year round of Youth Sports Fitness for children ages 7-12. Our kids learn growth mindset, strength, speed, agility, mindfulness and most importantly how to feel comfortable in a gym instilling fitness for life. A2 is a FUN, positive setting for kids to learn about fitness while encouraging eachother.  Parents have the option to stay or to drop their kiddos off from 4pm to 4:45pm (1st session) or 4:45 to 5:30pm (2nd session) with A2's trainers.  Our A2 app allows you to sign up from your mobile phone, or you can email to get set up!

Cost: $150 for 8-week session, or we have a 10 class punch card that does not expire if you are unable to commit to 8 sessions in a row

Teen Lifting / Fitness

We offer 8-week sessions year round of Teen Lifting / Fitness for ages 12-16. Teens learn safe techniques and proper weight lifting form to prevent injury and to feel comfortable in a gym as their bodies are changing. This is a great way to compliment sports and work on inefficiences to prevent injury and grow stronger. We see our teens grow a love for fitness amongst their peers and learn how to feel confident putting together their own programs at home or in their school gyms after completing their sessions. Beyond lifting we work on growth mindset, speed, agility, and make sure it is always a FUN positive setting  Parents have the option to stay or to drop their teens off from 4pm to 4:45pm on Monday with A2's trainers.  Our A2 app allows you to sign up from your mobile phone, or you can email to get set up!

Cost: $150 for 8-week session, or we have a 10 class punch card that does not expire if you are unable to commit to 8 sessions in a row

Personal Training
Our trainers are well-educated and ready to motivate and coach you toward optimal health.  We offer individualized, client-focused exercise programs designed around your goals. Our A2 app allows you to access your program and workouts right from your smartphone. It also allows you the option of having our team monitor your sleep, nutrition, and activity on the days you are away from our clinic. Our coaches have the highest level of expertise, and the ability to connect and effectively communicate with young athletes to older adults to keep fitness as a priority in their life. It is also a huge advantage to have doctors of Physical Therapy right next door in the same space to work with.  Email to schedule you first consultation to see whats best for you and your schedule!

30 min Personal Training Cost: $30 per session or $120 for a 4 pack

60 min Personal Training Cost: $60 per session or $260 for a 4 pack

60 min Buddy Training Cost: $49 per person

Small Groups
Our small group classes feature one trainer in a fun, high energy, team oriented atmosphere with personalized attention from your coach. Programs are structured to allow clients of all fitness levels to participate in a truly positive, supportive community that provides camaraderie, accountability and propels you towards your goals.  Email to learn more about our classes or try your first for free!

Gym membership cost: $120 per month for unlimited group fitness classes and Infrared sauna use

$180 for a 10 class punch card

$20 drop in fee for any class

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Our certified clinicians implement a non-aggressive, research-informed approach with the highest quality stainless steel tools to:

  • Speed healing and recovery time
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve joint and soft tissue mobility
  • Improve movement performance

Kinesiology Taping
Our certified clinicians use the best products from Rock Tape and Kinesio Tape to:

  • Improve circulation and decrease swelling
  • Speed recovery time and decrease pain
  • Improve soft tissue mobility
  • Support joints and improve stability
  • Improve movement performance


A2 Baseball
The A2 baseball program was created for serious baseball players looking to develop their physical abilities and promote their game to the next level. Utilizing science based training methods, the program focuses on functional power, arm strength, speed, and swing velocity. Our qualified team of professionals and advisors employ their understanding of human biomechanics, weight lifting, and plyometrics to build custom programs to fit each athleteís specific needs. We implement separate programs for off-season vs. in-season training in consideration of the physical demands placed on the athlete and to reduce the risk of repetitive use injuries. Our A2 app allows us to plan workouts to be performed at home, at the school weight room, or any training facility.  Becoming a part of the A2 team integrates our core values of integrity, respect, accountability, and leadership.

"Dear Alika- I want to tell you how great A2 has been in helping me to succeed in getting better after my stroke. Your staff is not only knowledgeable but funny at the same time. They don’t make physical therapy seem tough; but they make it fun by teaching us the right way to stand, asking us how we are and encouraging us to reach our goals. My goal has always been to get back to “normal.” I appreciate all of your staff immensely. They are all great. You always have my recommendation for where to go for P.T."

− Crestina

"Kristi gives me a great positive feeling; to feel good bout myself. I have never been able to keep up on a food journal- now its easy. My personal goals are to have a decreased pulse rate, be fit, and take care of my heart. I come in on Wednedays at 5 am. Sometimes its hard to ge tout of bed, but I know I am working with someone (Kristi) who I am accountable too. Kristi is always so pleasant and never makes me feel ashamed of myself. A2 is a great place, each person is so positive. You learn to feel better by getting your mind to feel better first…. Think positive! I love this place, I will recommend each personto A2 either for PT or personal training. You guys are #1!"

− Suzie

"Working with Kristi has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I started with the goal to lose weight and gain strength and after a few months she has helped me to understand what it means to live a healthy and well-rounded life. She not only provides motivation in the gym, but she is a great support system emotionally. She knows her stuff when it relates to exercises and the body. I appreciate how she brings variety to our workouts while also keeping us safe. If I could I would workout with Kristi multiple times per week."

− Sammy