A2 Physical Therapy Resources

Neufit Method: To Learn more about the Neufit Method and Neubie we use in both our Tacoma and Gig Harbor Clinics visit their website here www.neu.fit

Quiet Mind for Kids: Alika wrote a children's book called "Quiet Mind for Kids" intended to give our youth simple tools to improve their mindset and become the best version of themselves. QM4Kids is available for purchase on Amazon

For New Clients: We suggest printing and completing the following forms to bring with you for your first visit to A2. This will maximize the time spent with your therapist; if you’re unable to do this we suggest coming in 20 minutes before your appointment to complete them in our waiting area.

Single Leg Squat to work on strength, coordination, and balance
Two simple, effective, hamstring stretches
Chair lunge for hips and back
Hip Mobility and Strengthening Exercises
Improve Posture & Reduce Neck & Back Pain
Mobility For Those Sitting For Long Periods
Toe Taps: Strengthen Shins, Ankles & Feet - Good for Runners!
Wall T's: Combats Neck & Back Pain From Sitting All Day
Thoracic Rotation: Improve Posture & Reduce Neck & Back Pain
Great Mobility For Rotational Athletes
Alikas Favorite Hamstring Stretch:
Turtle Herders
Thoracic Extension: Neck/back relief for those that sit for long periods
Mobility and Stability Exercise Called The Hip Airplane
Great Hip Mobility Exercise
Nerve Flexibility Exercise
Spinal Mobility
Spinal Mobility and Postural Awareness Part 2
Shoulder exercises for Baseball & Softball Players
Reduce Pain & Lateral Hip Tightness

"Everyone at A2 is fantastic. Had a great experience from the 1st phone call. Don't change, you guys are awesome!"

− Doug

"I came in to A2 with a knee injury that left me with very limited mobility and muscle weakness. Danny and team did an excellent job of diagnosing exactly what my issues were and designing a treatment plan that allowed me to regain strength, balance, and confidence. I would recommend A2 without reservation as a skilled and professional team."

− Margo

"Working with Kristi has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I started with the goal to lose weight and gain strength and after a few months she has helped me to understand what it means to live a healthy and well-rounded life. She not only provides motivation in the gym, but she is a great support system emotionally. She knows her stuff when it relates to exercises and the body. I appreciate how she brings variety to our workouts while also keeping us safe. If I could I would workout with Kristi multiple times per week."

− Sammy