Ryanne Miller, PFT

In 2022 Ryanne graduated from Boise State University with a Bechelors in Science and Sociology.  Throughout verious jobs and experiences at Boise State, Ryanne found a love for rehab therapy and health and wellness.  She plans to continue school to pursue a career in rehab that allows her to help people and continue to build relationships within that.  Outside of work, Ryanne enjoys social gatherings with friends and family.  Growing up on a lake, she loves summer activities on the water.  In addition to that, fitness of any kind that fills her cup!  This love for exercise led Ryanne to pursue becoming a Certified Personal Trainer to not only broaden her own wellness, but help others with it during her rehab career ahead.

"I’m really glad I am going to A2. My PT Danny is very knowledgeable and courteous. He pin-pointed the area affected in my hip and back. We are working to improve my strength, range of motion and ultimately lessen my pain with Danny’s wide range of stretches and strength techniques to improve my quality of life. So far in the three weeks that I’ve been enrolled I’m very impressed with A2 Physical Therapy. Thanks Danny!"

− Sean

"A2 has been a game changer for me. I’ve had back problems my entire life from high impact sports and now sitting at a desk for work. Dr. Antone’s wellness program has nearly eliminated my stiffness and soreness that use to bother me throughout the day. I’d highly recommend him and his team for turning your health around. Thank you A2!!"

− Tony

"I came to A2 PT to assist in my recovery of a torn Achilles tendon. Not fully knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. Using a combination of PT (for strengthening and stretching) and massage (for scare tissue Break up) I feel my recovery has been accelerated. The whole crew Alika, Kristi, and Sophia are very kind, spirited, and passionate about their jobs! On a personal note, the word massage should be removed from the phrase deep tissue massage. It is very misleading-but it does work!
Keep up the great work gang!!"

− Christopher