Gabrielle Johnson, Rehab Aide

Gabrielle has a passion for exercise, human connection, and helping others which has driven her towards a career in physical therapy. She has found A2PT has been the perfect environment to dive into these passions, while pursuing other personal and educational goals of hers. Growing up in the small town of Poulsbo, Gabrielle has always loved being surrounded by water and never-ending green scenery. Outside of work and her kinesiology classes at PLU, she stays close with her family, loves trying new activities, and enjoys finding new dinner spots with friends. She loves baking, coaching and playing volleyball and other intramural sports. Not only is she a student and Aide at A2, she even works at a coffee shop on the weekends! Gabrielle looks forward to building new connections with patients and helping make the rest of their day better after their PT appointments.

"Before I started coming to A2 I was always tired and could barely pick up or carry my grandchildren a ½ block. After the first 6 weeks of working with Kristi I got a big surprise when I took my grandchildren to a festival and carried the youngest 4 blocks before she woke up enough to walk. I then picked her up and put her on my shoulders so she could see better without effort. I was amazed at how much strength I had gained in a short time. I continue to see improvement in my strength and I’m no longer tired all the time."

− Jacki

"A2 has been wonderful in helping me with my elbow pain. The skilled staff has attacked my ailment with an array of methods. I came in with 6-7/10 pain and after a few weeks my elbow is down to 1-2/10. The environment is warm and welcoming. The staff is friendly and very skilled. They take the time to listen and formulate a personalized plan. One of the tools they use is the Neubie. I have had amazing results using it. Its ability to target and safely load a specific area is very helpful. Overall, A2 is amazing and I would highly recommend it to any and all!"

− Kris

"I came in to A2 with a knee injury that left me with very limited mobility and muscle weakness. Danny and team did an excellent job of diagnosing exactly what my issues were and designing a treatment plan that allowed me to regain strength, balance, and confidence. I would recommend A2 without reservation as a skilled and professional team."

− Margo