Car Accident and Work Injuries

When you go through a car accident, there is not only one body part that was injured. While you might feel your main issue is, let's say, from a broken leg, you most likely have sustained other related injuries: back injuries, whiplash, etc. Because we have worked extensively with car accident patients we know how to properly diagnose ALL injuries and are understanding and empathetic towards the trauma and stress caused to a persons mental health as well as their physical health. Our experience Physical Therapists know exactly how to document your case, so that you can get the maximum benefits. This allows you to focus on regaining you health, while not having to deal with huge medical bills. 

"Before I started coming to A2 I was always tired and could barely pick up or carry my grandchildren a ½ block. After the first 6 weeks of working with Kristi I got a big surprise when I took my grandchildren to a festival and carried the youngest 4 blocks before she woke up enough to walk. I then picked her up and put her on my shoulders so she could see better without effort. I was amazed at how much strength I had gained in a short time. I continue to see improvement in my strength and I’m no longer tired all the time."

− Jacki

"Dear Alika- I want to tell you how great A2 has been in helping me to succeed in getting better after my stroke. Your staff is not only knowledgeable but funny at the same time. They don’t make physical therapy seem tough; but they make it fun by teaching us the right way to stand, asking us how we are and encouraging us to reach our goals. My goal has always been to get back to “normal.” I appreciate all of your staff immensely. They are all great. You always have my recommendation for where to go for P.T."

− Crestina

"My experience was great. Pain in my lower right quadrant of my back is virtually gone. This has improved my quality of life tremendously. Everyone I had contact with was very courteous and helpful. Special thanks to Alika and Danny for helping me learn exercises that have helped my back. Thank you."

− Ken