Car Accident and Work Injuries

When you go through a car accident, there is not only one body part that was injured. While you might feel your main issue is, let's say, from a broken leg, you most likely have sustained other related injuries: back injuries, whiplash, etc. Because we have worked extensively with car accident patients we know how to properly diagnose ALL injuries and are understanding and empathetic towards the trauma and stress caused to a persons mental health as well as their physical health. Our experience Physical Therapists know exactly how to document your case, so that you can get the maximum benefits. This allows you to focus on regaining you health, while not having to deal with huge medical bills. 

"A2 Physical Therapy has been an amazing place to be at for the past 3 years training with Kristi Cruz. I have had knee and shoulder issues and Alika has been great getting me back to doing the things I love. The staff here is always so loving and kind. I know when I come here I am always excited to be here. I love getting the warm smiles from everyone!"

− Haeli

"It was very helpful to be taught exercises I could do at home to alleviate the pain in my back and to make my stomach/diaphragm stronger. It was a great experience and I took away a lot of knowledge to help myself."

− T. Docherty

"I had a great time coming in to A2 every week. Everyone was really helpful and fun to be around. The exercises we did made a huge difference in getting my body and confidence back to shape. Next time I'm injured, I will know just where to go. Thank you!"

− Eric