A2 5k Fundraiser for MS

Saturday March 23rd 9am at Titlow Trails friends, family and clients of A2 Physical Therapy proved you can run, jog or walk a 1k or 5k at any age! In a down pour of rain, cars piled into the Titlow Parking lot with a common mission, to fundraise for our Multiple Sclerosis program, a cause dear to all our hearts and to of course... FUN RUN the heck out of the first Saturday of Spring!  This crowd rallied with the brightest smiles! Some trained and some just showed up - but everyone moved their bodies and thats a WIN in our book! There were prizes from Farellis Pizza and Emerald City Smoothie for the 1st to cross the finish line of the 1k and the 5k, male and female. 1k: Lilia Wallace, Gavin Wallace 5k: Asa (UPS student) & Emily Wallace (mom of the 1k winners!) and there were 20 different raffle prizes from other generous Tacoma businesses for the crowd as well!  Legendary donuts and Safeway donated donuts and Starbucks and Trader Joes were present as well with all the goodies again!  It means the world to us the way this community continues to show up and support eachother.  THANK YOU TACOMA!

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all that you have done to help me get better. What I admire the most is that you have a kind, caring, outstanding staff that not only listens to what is going on with us but goes the extra mile to help each of us achieve our goals. Danny and Alika never, never, never gave up on me and helped me reclaim my life. I love all of you dearly."

− C. Marez

"A2 has been wonderful in helping me with my elbow pain. The skilled staff has attacked my ailment with an array of methods. I came in with 6-7/10 pain and after a few weeks my elbow is down to 1-2/10. The environment is warm and welcoming. The staff is friendly and very skilled. They take the time to listen and formulate a personalized plan. One of the tools they use is the Neubie. I have had amazing results using it. Its ability to target and safely load a specific area is very helpful. Overall, A2 is amazing and I would highly recommend it to any and all!"

− Kris

"My wife was trying to get me to go to A2 after she was enjoying the classes. I am busy and wanted to go but always had an excuse. Well one she pre-paid for me to go. Time for me to face my fears about why I hadn’t been going because now I am going. First, I was in ok shape active just not work out shape plus what if I couldn’t beat my wife or the other women in class? What if I passed out?

As Saturday approached my fears rose and my brain searched for an excuse. Yet when I arrived at the class what I found was nothing like I was fearing, quite the opposite. Everyone is focused on their own pace. While being motivating Kristi is not forceful but positive and supportive, coaching each person at their ability.

It has not been a month of one day a week, my body has reacted by toning up, my six pack is back. My wife was mad and happy at the same time. I have been seeing a chiropractor for maintenance and recently my body is firming up and I do not feel the aches and pains of getting older. Was I sore after the first workout? Yes for a few days I was sore, but each week the soreness would decrease. After a month I am not sore but stiff the next day, feeling stronger each workout.

Thank you, A2 Physical Therapy and Kristi, for the good music and for pushing us without pressuring us."

− Mike