Lisa Zepeda, Massage Therapist

Lisa Zepeda finished massage school in 2010. She then continued her studies with a 3 month course for Sports Massage which taught her many techniques, including muscle firing patterns and less invasive ways to decrease hypertonic muscles. Lisa spent almost 7 years working with pain patients, ranging from post-surgery (cervical, lumbar, shoulder, hip, knee and carpel tunnel), to auto accidents, surgery prevention, poor posture, and headaches.

Recently, Lisa has begun some more in-depth studying about pelvic pain and dysfunctions to further assist her patients with deeper symptoms that are common but often brushed off as ‘normal’ or not addressed at all. Lisa loves educating and reminding her clients that it is their body and they must advocate for themselves when it comes to making decisions. She recognizes the importance of being informed in order to do so. Lisa enjoys hearing and seeing her patients find their voice through bodywork and getting an explanation as to what is going on internally.

"Thanks so much - from the front desk, to my therapist Danny, to the owners. I felt supported by caring professionals while I recovered from my work related injuries. I felt encouraged to work hard to fully recover, and I feel like I have. Negotiating health care services can be overwhelming, but A2 made getting the care I needed straight forward. Thanks again for everything."

− David

"Dear Alika- I want to tell you how great A2 has been in helping me to succeed in getting better after my stroke. Your staff is not only knowledgeable but funny at the same time. They don’t make physical therapy seem tough; but they make it fun by teaching us the right way to stand, asking us how we are and encouraging us to reach our goals. My goal has always been to get back to “normal.” I appreciate all of your staff immensely. They are all great. You always have my recommendation for where to go for P.T."

− Crestina

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all that you have done to help me get better. What I admire the most is that you have a kind, caring, outstanding staff that not only listens to what is going on with us but goes the extra mile to help each of us achieve our goals. Danny and Alika never, never, never gave up on me and helped me reclaim my life. I love all of you dearly."

− C. Marez