Carrie McKewan, Personal Trainer

Exploring every sport imaginable growing up, Carrie found her niche in softball and continued developing her abilities throughout college at the University of British Columbia. Currently, she is attending the University of Puget Sound to broaden her comprehension of the connection between both mind and body. During her training as a collegiate athlete, she discovered the benefit of exercise on not only physique, but also mental health. This motivated her to explore a multitude of different forms of exercise. From skiing to weight training, she experienced a change in lifestyle for the better in terms of both health and fitness. It is her goal to encourage, mold, manipulate a multitude of fitness forms in hopes of translating a full mind and body awareness to establish a happy and healthy lifestyle. She is pursuing that goal at A2 as a personal trainer where she uses her background as an athlete, active individual, and passionate exercise specialist to guide others to achieve their goals and establish a healthier lifestyle than they believed possible. You can trust Carrie to bring a new perspective to training and mold a plan that meets your health and fitness needs.


"I’m really glad I am going to A2. My PT Danny is very knowledgeable and courteous. He pin-pointed the area affected in my hip and back. We are working to improve my strength, range of motion and ultimately lessen my pain with Danny’s wide range of stretches and strength techniques to improve my quality of life. So far in the three weeks that I’ve been enrolled I’m very impressed with A2 Physical Therapy. Thanks Danny!"

− Sean

"Working with Kristi has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I started with the goal to lose weight and gain strength and after a few months she has helped me to understand what it means to live a healthy and well-rounded life. She not only provides motivation in the gym, but she is a great support system emotionally. She knows her stuff when it relates to exercises and the body. I appreciate how she brings variety to our workouts while also keeping us safe. If I could I would workout with Kristi multiple times per week."

− Sammy

"A2 Physical Therapy is very professional. What I liked the most is that they are very thorough with their assessments and personalizing exercises/treatment according to my pain/limitations/injuries. I really do feel stronger and feel confident to get even stronger! Everyone has a super positive attitude which helps with motivation. Thank You!"

− A. Mun