Carrie McKewan, Personal Trainer

Exploring every sport imaginable growing up, Carrie found her niche in softball and continued developing her abilities throughout college at the University of British Columbia. Currently, she is attending the University of Puget Sound to broaden her comprehension of the connection between both mind and body. During her training as a collegiate athlete, she discovered the benefit of exercise on not only physique, but also mental health. This motivated her to explore a multitude of different forms of exercise. From skiing to weight training, she experienced a change in lifestyle for the better in terms of both health and fitness. It is her goal to encourage, mold, manipulate a multitude of fitness forms in hopes of translating a full mind and body awareness to establish a happy and healthy lifestyle. She is pursuing that goal at A2 as a personal trainer where she uses her background as an athlete, active individual, and passionate exercise specialist to guide others to achieve their goals and establish a healthier lifestyle than they believed possible. You can trust Carrie to bring a new perspective to training and mold a plan that meets your health and fitness needs.


"William and I have been working out with Kristi on Saturday mornings for months now and we love it! We find the couples training so beautiful physically, mentally and relationally. Kristi not only challenges us with cardio and lifting but has introduced us to exercises that relate to balance and stretching. As we enter our 60’s we appreciate these balance routines and can see how it benefits our daily lives. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard William say, “I am not doing that, that’s a girl exercise!” and then later he’ll say “wow that was harder than I thought” or sometime that week he’ll bring up an exercise we do on Saturday and how it benefited him that day! Most importantly we have blast encouraging each other, competing with each other and having fun! We appreciate A2 and Kristi for providing a space for us to stay fit and have fun. We wish you all much success! Thank you"

− Pam and William

"My name is Irvin Markham. I am a member of A2 Physical Therapy and Fitness. I have been a member of several gyms but never had a personal trainer. With no schedule or workout plan, I would always eventually quit. My wife suggested to go see her personal trainer Kristi Cruz. What a difference the experience has made in helping me get the most out of my workouts. Kristi has not only helped me get 71 year old body back in shape physically, but mentally as well. She has put me on a set schedule and encourages me to do all the things I need to do to stay healthy. I cannot thank Kristi and the entire staff at A2 for all of the support they have shown me."

− Irvin

"A2 Physical Therapy has been an amazing place to be at for the past 3 years training with Kristi Cruz. I have had knee and shoulder issues and Alika has been great getting me back to doing the things I love. The staff here is always so loving and kind. I know when I come here I am always excited to be here. I love getting the warm smiles from everyone!"

− Haeli