Rhonda’s story

After a fall at work (in combination with a crooked spine), Rhonda started her physical therapy to reduce pain in her neck, back and legs. When she had control of her pain level and she was ready to graduate from PT, Ben her physical therapist and Kristi (her future
personal trainer) encouraged her to continue on with A2 Athletics. And she did! She started slow (coming to one 30-minute personal training a week); walking on the treadmill and ending with resistance training with weight, small squats, etc. Within a month of training, they set a goal: To walk 1 mile at the A2PT 5k! Rhonda went from six minutes on the treadmill to 10, to 12, to 15, to 20, and yes, then to 30 minutes! Rhonda started
coming in on her own time separate from her PFT appointments to walk — finding success at her own pace. She came to the A2 5K and walked 1 mile, with her brother and best friend. Rhonda crossed that finish line with the biggest smile … we couldn’t be more proud of her hard work and persistence! Rhonda has been personal training with Kristi for 12 months now, her current goal is to continue to walk more, and because she personal trains in our gym she is welcome to walk on the treadmill whenever she pleases
and she makes an effort to walk 3 to 4 times a week! Rhonda says it’s the little things, when she went to one of her Weight Watchers meetings she parked in a much further parking lot space, and as she walked to the front door from her car, she realized how easy it was… what would normally have not been possible — is now
possible! She said she is also now able to enjoy a more active life which includes traveling with friends.
"A2 makes me feel stronger, healthier, and more successful physically. I start to look forward to my workouts because of the positive results, which is weird! ... I would have never thought I would look forward to coming to exercise. Before I came here, I used to walk like an old lady and my friend said that I walk a lot better now! I would really encourage seniors to try it because it really helps, I saw results right away. I heard - sitting is the new smoking, it feels good to take care of myself and move. A2 makes sure to gear your workout to your needs, they start you slow, but then push you and then all the sudden - you did it!" -Rhonda

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"Clear, communicative staff that showed great motivation in helping me return to my return to my recreational work and athletic activities Danny is super knowledgeable and had a strong sense of intuition in helping me identify and overcome my limitations. I’ve made an excellent recovery from a critical injury thanks to A2 and am now back to my usual flow."

− Keyon

"My wife was trying to get me to go to A2 after she was enjoying the classes. I am busy and wanted to go but always had an excuse. Well one she pre-paid for me to go. Time for me to face my fears about why I hadn’t been going because now I am going. First, I was in ok shape active just not work out shape plus what if I couldn’t beat my wife or the other women in class? What if I passed out?

As Saturday approached my fears rose and my brain searched for an excuse. Yet when I arrived at the class what I found was nothing like I was fearing, quite the opposite. Everyone is focused on their own pace. While being motivating Kristi is not forceful but positive and supportive, coaching each person at their ability.

It has not been a month of one day a week, my body has reacted by toning up, my six pack is back. My wife was mad and happy at the same time. I have been seeing a chiropractor for maintenance and recently my body is firming up and I do not feel the aches and pains of getting older. Was I sore after the first workout? Yes for a few days I was sore, but each week the soreness would decrease. After a month I am not sore but stiff the next day, feeling stronger each workout.

Thank you, A2 Physical Therapy and Kristi, for the good music and for pushing us without pressuring us."

− Mike

"Danny was fantastic; he was able to quickly diagnose my issues and construct a plan for recovery that began showing results in a couple weeks. 10/10 would recommend to everyone."

− Veronica